Metro Staffing is more than just a staffing agency. We strive to continually earn our clients’ and employees’ loyalty by working hard to deliver more than expected. To accomplish this, we focus on our customer and employee needs by going the extra mile to provide exceptional personal service. Metro Staffing goes beyond the scope of most staffing agencies. We want to be a partner in your businesses’ success – together helping each other grow for a prosperous future.

Why We Excel:

Quality, Specialized Workers

Metro Staffing performs an intense screening process for skill, previous work history, and attendance while workers are in our employ and we insure you that they are legally authorized to work in the United States. That way you know you are getting someone that fits the qualifications you requested. We understand the need for valuable workers who are motivated and dedicated to executing each job assignment we give. Our highly qualified employees are eager to accommodate your staffing needs to ensure 100% satisfaction. Our database consists of motivated, safety conscience, hard working employees from which we select people to match the skills that you require.

We Want Your Business:

Metro Staffing is able to meet any requirements you may have, and we are fully prepared to facilitate any order – small or large – within your organization. We can tailor a proposal to accommodate your staffing needs and have it implemented within 24 hours. Our highly qualified employees are eager to accommodate your staffing needs to ensure 100% professional satisfaction.

Dos and Don’ts on an Interview

Helpful tips for the Interviewers

  1. Dress the part.
    Always look like a business executive. This includes when you come in for your initial and any follow-up interviews with us. Remember, you are interviewing with us as your potential employers.
  2. Practice speaking clearly.
    If you tend to speak too fast, too slow, or slur your words, try to change those habits. Get in front of a mirror and practice.
  3. Bring in only the essentials.
    Leave all food and drinks in your car. Don’t even take them inside the building where you will interview.
  4. Turn off your cell phone.
    If you are one of those people that have to constantly stay in contact with someone then you probably don’t need to work.
  5. Show up to the interview alone.
    Don’t bring a friend along with you. If you don’t drive, arrange for someone to drop you off or wait in the parking lot.
  6. Be well prepared with a resume.
    Present a good resume on quality paper. Check for misspelled words. Always tell the truth on your resume. Don’t put education that you don’t have. Always put the proper dates on your resume. Don’t let the person interviewing you have to ask for dates. Unless you are applying for a very high-end position, keep your resume length to one side of a single page.