Thursday, March 10, 2011 My school in Canada – Civic Service – dodo … – My school in Canada … After Liberation which proposed yesterday a report in a college in Shanghai, Le Figaro today is that we calls for international comparisons, with two items on the School in Canada. Luc Chatel is in the country for 3 days and Le Figaro tries to understand the reasons for the good results of the Canadian system. Canadian students are indeed almost the only, with the Finns, to resist the prevalence of Asian countries in the Pisa study 2009, which defines youth skills 15 years of all OECD countries . The beginning of the visit of Chatel, we are told is dedicated to the education system in Ontario that reduces failure and improves results. "While we speak of" fight against illiteracy and innumeracy "said Luc Chatel, here it is committed to developing the" literacy "and" numeracy ". It aims to increase confidence in the education system. ". A "Secretariat for Literacy and Numeracy ‘was even created in 2003 and provides ways to prevent difficulties of students from the beginning of schooling. The article in Le Figaro notes that in Ontario, according to the Ministry of Education of the province, funding has increased 40% since 2003 … The result of the visit of the minister should be on dealing with violence and the fight against school dropout. Another article describes several innovations including Quebec conducted in this area. The reporter also mentions the autonomy given to schools. "Education is very decentralized in Quebec. The Ministry of Education interferes little in what the institutions. What counts are the results. Schools, sovereign, have significant leeway "says a researcher. Just as with Finland, it should not be a "Canada-mania" which is to transpose in France, "good practices" to use the term (hateful) in fashion among our leaders. Gerald Boutin, Professor of Education at the University of Quebec in Montreal warns: "The layer has its limits. You can not transpose a Quebec model in France regardless of local context. ". We want to add that the copy exemption make the effort to invent. civic service Civic service, celebrates its first year of existence and to a promising start. "The first contracts were signed in the month of June 2010 and we ended the year with 5,375 civic service contracts, it is a real success," said Secretary of State for Youth, Jeannette Bougrab in 20 minutes . T civic service is a resounding success with young people. 40,000 potential candidates jostling at the gate if we judge by the number of entries on the dedicated website. Who are these young people? Young women in majority (57%), age (s) by an average of 21 years and five months. Side diplomas, they are divided roughly into thirds: 36% have a BA, 40% of a higher level, 24% inferieur.Ages a level of 16 to 25 years old, willing to commit to a mission general interest from six months to one year in an association, an NGO, a community, in France or abroad: it will help the elderly to the mission in Haiti to help rebuild. The mission, led by a tutor, is compensated between 540 and 640 euros per month. But as the release points out, if the demand is there, supply hardly follow. The President of the Civic Service Agency, Martin Hirsch (founder of the device) is concerned that lack of means in 2011 we can not accept that 15,000 requests. Then he had it validated by the Council of Ministers the target of 10% of an age group for 2014, 75,000 young volunteers per year. He sent a letter on February 23 in Nicolas Sarkozy, Prime Minister Francois Fillon and the ministers concerned (Education, Labor, Youth), reminding the government to its "commitments to young people." And call in the JDD March 5, "not to betray the youth": "At the rate of 5,000 new missions a year, we will reach the goal [10% of an age group] that by 2026 "another element of balance: in a context where a young side have great difficulty in finding work, and the other associations to make ends meet, civic service would have a tendency to play covers for disguised employment. Release presents several testimonies of young people in civic service, which show that the situations are very different and in some cases, civic service is diverted from its meaning. But what Teddy says like many others is more positive and encouraged to continue and strengthen this device: "The civic service allowed me to find a place in society" Dodo There are days for everything … But celle- it affects an essential activity. March 18, next will be the day sleeping ( One in five French (but 26% of women and 24% of snorers) tends to doze in the day, notes the professor Joel Paquereau, president of the National Institute of sleep and alertness (INSV). "There is a proper sleep duration for each individual, generally from 7 to 8 am" and "can not garner sleep in advance," he notes. Yet nearly a third of French sleeping 6 hours or less, according to a survey of INSV and MGEN (Mutual) conducted by BVA in January on a representative sample of 1,012 adults (18-60 years). And for children and youth? sleep specialists are concerned about the use of "sleep disturbance" which has gained ground since 2009 in homes, especially in the House of children.42% of parents allow radio in the children’s room, 38 % a computer, 33% fixed or mobile phone and 31% television. Children who do not get enough sleep (less than 8 hours) and high school students over 16 years are more equipped. Now researchers suspect indeed as computers, smartphones and other video games are more exciting than television, which induces a passive viewing, and therefore more likely to disrupt sleep. Hence the advice to remove these devices from the bedroom and avoid using them an hour before bedtime to facilitate sleep. In passing it should be noted also that drowsy relatives more often have children who complain of difficulties in the classroom related to drowsiness. It is not hereditary, but noted a real education to sleep well, according to the institute. Good night display … —————————————— —- of 10/03/11 (some paid items) civic service lack of resources, no volunteers volunteering device for 16-25 years ago launched a year battery by Martin Hirsch, seduces young. But some denounce a "sub-contract". Read more of the article Martin Hirsch: What the volunteer civic service? A conference of the President of the Civic Service Agency, given to "Ernest" organized by Normale Sup ‘in May 2010. Read more of the article "Civic service allowed me to find a place in society" after a year, said that the first promo of volunteers? Answer four of them. Read more of the article forms time and historical consciousness By PHILIPPE DESCOLA Professor of nature anthropology at the College de France Let us, having colonized the body, territories and imaginary, to colonize the history of others . Read more of the article Discovery of the world, acceleration of history By FRANCOIS HARTOG Historian, director of studies at EHESS-CNRS -Center historical research tell me what time you are and I’ll tell you who you es! Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 10/03/11 Education: Luc Chatel follows the Canadian Minister lesson, visiting Canada for three days, meant learning from reforms in the country for ten years. Read more of the article Canada: autonomous and decentralized schools In Quebec, education specialists multiply experiments to fight against the "stall" school. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the (some paid items) of 10/03/11 Martin Hirsch off again on a crusade for civic service Martin Hirsch renewed the assault. On the first anniversary of civic service, the president of the Civic Service Agency (CSA) reiterates that the government provides the means to keep the commitment made by the President on the scalability of the device . Read more of the article on the dangers of punishment of boys in college in the public debate about the school, it is a figure in which one hardly lingers: college, 80% of students are boys punished . Why such a male omnipresence? How to explain this strong asymmetry between girls and boys? This is what was asked Sylvie Ayral, who led for many years a thorough research on the penalties imposed in college by examining in the light of discussions on "gender". Read more of the article Meanwhile, the PS is working on his project The announcement went almost unnoticed in the tumult created by the Marine Le Pen rise in the polls: the Socialist Party adopted Tuesday, March 8, a "plan for youth employment". The party proposes to create 300,000 "jobs of the future" 75% funded by the state. A return of "youth jobs" in 1997 in another form, in the silence as total or almost, like most socialist proposals. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- Humanity’s seen nothing … 10/03/11 ———————————— —————- Le Parisien (some paid items) of 10/03/11 Site inaccessible … —————— ———————————- France Soir 10/03/11 Nothing seen … — ——————————————— the Cross 10 / 03/11 the unease persists among personal infancy "No babies in the set! ‘Calls for a new day of action in nurseries Friday, March 11. Established in September 2009 in response to a draft decree easing standards for foster early childhood institutions, collective calls for the repeal of this text, which entered into force in June. It also requires an "emergency plan" for the entire industry More Article ————————— ——————— echoes (some paid items) of 10/03/11 sleep: the French nights sleep standing up too short, too long trips … yawn and doze during the day are the daily lot of millions of French caught in the rhythm of modern life and its attendant computer monitors or TV that still grinding away their evenings. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 20 minutes from 10/03/11 Jeannette Bougrab "This boot is a real success," Secretary of State for Youth evokes the beginnings of civic service … Read More Article civic Service "My mother is super proud that I help others and me, it makes me happy!" One year after the creation of civic service, youth demonstrate their experience to "20 Minutes" … Read more of Article ———————————————— Rue89 of 10/03/11 North Korean Child: guitar, you gueuleras least the music is like the army: it takes discipline. (See video) Read the article ————————————– ———- Ouest-France of 10/03/11 nights too short: drowsiness watching us the French are struggling more and more to stay awake during the day. Consequently, traffic accidents or work. This is the conclusion of a survey to be released today. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Le Journal du Dimanche 10/03/11 Hirsch: "Do not ordain general demobilization" Martin Hirsch, President of the civic Service Agency and former high Commissioner for Youth promotes civic service. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 10/03/11 Nothing seen … ————————————– – the of 10/03/11 civic service, a "professional platform" civic service has attracted more than 5000 young people in 2010. They performed work assignments called "public interest", as assistance to the person. Meet. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — the Retz 10/03/11 Cafe Pedagogique 2011: Focus on primary school teachers "Although in the future the School found ways, should have the courage to break with what is done in 30 years". This reflection Dubet closed, Wednesday, March 9, 2011 Retz Forum, an event including Cafe is a partner. With a central theme "Are school teachers of teachers like the others?". Read more of the article Sex education: Why the School can not? The media interest in the increase in abortions among young people came to accuse the School on the shortcomings of sex education. Why does not the school she manages to fight effectively against teenage pregnancy? Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 10/03/11 Nothing seen … ——————————- ————— of 10/03/11 Nothing seen … ——————— 10/03/11 ————————- EducPros the Campus Condorcet tensions between the Ile-de-France and the Ministry Barney. The Ile-de-France and the Ministry of Higher Education disagree on the financing of the Campus Condorcet (Aubervilliers-La Chapelle). Political friction that raises a more technical question: the validity of the use of PPPs (public private partnership). Read more of the article Learning how to improve the business contribution system? The ticket Michel Abherve "The RGPP continues its path, a victim of the confusion between a desirable approach, streamlining the organization of the state and its adaptation to technical issues and today, and a mechanistic application of the non -replacement of staff on two retiring, wrote
on his blog Michel Abherve EducPros. Among the new actions announced include the goal of improving the recovery procedure and follow the additional contribution to learning. in What is it ?" Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- VousNousIls of 10/03/11 No religious signs at school outings: SNUipp reactions, Peep Two unions and a federation of parents have variously appreciated equating the student mothers accompanying school trips to public officials of Education, which prohibited religious symbols in separate releases. Read more of the article Claudine Caux, new president of the Peep (parents) Claudine Caux is the new president of the Federation of Parents of students in public education (Peep), second federation in the public sector , does said Thursday with the federation. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Thursday, March 10, 2011

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