The game, however, is very masculine and is played mainly in midfield. Only in the final quarter of an hour Bayern and Leipzig try to push harder on the accelerator: 78 ‘is Süle to touch the goal with a header a minute later he’s good Gulacsi of gore Kimmich served by a beautiful bank of Lewandowski.

83 ‘Bayern passes: Gulacsi Sanches on strike, it holds, the defense of Leipzig not free and Ribery, freeing two opponents, beating violently towards the door avversaria.Il Leipzig try to react with Puolsen that close to equalizing with a header from a corner 85 ‘. Tempers are lit in the final: Ilsanker 91 ‘Thiago goes bad and is ejected, Sanches pushes away the opponent and the referee gave him as well. For Leipzig there is no more time to recover and Bayern sends an important signal to Dortmund.

Because that tonight may be the Breakthrough victory. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV trivia – I am 31 years that Bayern does not lose the last home game of the year (the last time in 1987 against Dortmund). In the only previous two played in the Bundesliga for Bayern Monaco against the Leipzig he has never failed to score a single goal and even today it stayed dry. It is the third game in a row that Bayern maintains a clean sheet. other – Crolla Schalke losing 2-1 at home to Bayer Leverkusen.

Mainz and Frankfurt drew 2-2 (brace Jovic, new scorer of the tournament), 1-1 both ends between Bremen and Hoffenheim that between Freiburg and Hannover. Elmar Bergonzini ? @ elmarbergo

August 14, 2018 – Milan ?? Pau Gasol, now 38, in Memphis between 2001 and 2008. Rev. Pau Gasol, now 38, in Memphis between 2001 and 2008. Rev. Hands of a pianist, dancer and standing posture from elegant bullfighter.

If you could do a thorough X-ray examination in Pau Gasol, by its verdict “doctor” would come out all the qualities of which, in 2001, fell in love with the Memphis Grizzlies. A player capable of changing the fortunes of a franchise, making known to fans for the first time in their history the glories of the postseason, instead of relaxing the early vacation.

This relationship, however, was interrupted in the middle of the 2007-08 season when Pau has taken the road of Los Angeles, the Lakers side, to make room for “little brother” Marc. But the painful divorce was not enough to break the love between the genius of Barcelona and the Grizzlies: because, even today, 10 years after the Pau Gasol is even more representative of the franchise in the city of Elvis. the beginning – On the Ramblas in Barcelona Gasol is considered a prodigy and prodigal son.

Born and raised in the city, Pau, made his debut in La Liga in 1999 at 19, bringing the camisole Blaugrana. It takes two years to be known even overseas. In 2001 comes the call from the NBA: via draft, chose the number 3 from Atlanta but sent the same evening via trade to Memphis. This is where the story begins Pau. His first season has to be framed, at least on a personal level.

Its impact is huge, the best of his entire rookie class: 17.6 points, 8.9 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 2.1 blocked shots in 36.7 minutes of average earned him the nomination freshman year, for the first time in the history of the League assigned to a foreign player. top moment – the year of the definitive consecration of Pau individual arrives in 2006. The numbers of his personal performance shoots up: for the first time in his career the Spaniard more than 20 points per game (20.4), all embellished with 8.9 rebounds and 4.6 assists (career high), demonstrating its infinite offensive talent.

The official seal on his season comes in February, with his first call for the All-Star Game. Now Pau is officially Olympus of the League superstars. His Grizzlies, meanwhile, continue to benefit from the effect Gasol: having given them the very first trip to the postseason in franchise history in 2004, Pau continues to be the driver, centering the third consecutive appearance in the playoffs.

Unfortunately for Memphis, though, this will mark the third consecutive elimination in the 1st round, without even won a race. farewell – The end is slow and painful. Something is broken at the end of the super season of 2006. Before the relationship with the Grizzlies, though, do you crack the Pau hand. During the World Cup with Spain’s Gasol fractured the fifth metatarsal of his right hand and is forced to stay off the first 22 races of 2006-07.

The Grizzlies, without him, they sink and then G.M. Chris Wallace understands that we need a revolution: enacts February 1, 2008, when Pau takes the path of the Lakers in a trade involving Kwame Brown, Javaris Critterton, Aaron McKie and rights to Marc Gasol (at that time still in Spain ), in addition to those chosen for the first round of the Draft from 2008 to 2010.

Pau to the Lakers, with Kobe Bryant, put 2 champion rings on her finger. the numbers – In six and a half seasons in Memphis Gasol added its name to the legend tucking 8966 points (18.8 average), 4096 snatching rebounds (8.6) and giving 1,473 assists (3.2). triumph – Few, those Grizzlies jersey. Rookie of the Year in 2001-02, All-Star in 2006 and three playoff appearances in 2004, 2005 and 2006 without winning a single game. The glory, Pau, the Lakers know in knit … Andrea Grazioli ? @ andreagrazio85

February 3, 2019 – The Milan goal in the 1-1 Dembele. AFP E ‘first defeat of PSG in the league. It comes perhaps the most inconvenient moment, with Neymar out injured until mid-April, and Manchester United at the entrance to the knockout stages of the Champions League on 12 February. But the 2-1 tonight is also earned from Lyon, aged in comeback on the net of Di Maria, with Dembélé and Fekir, on a penalty kick.

Three good points to stay in the race for second place and get your fill of confidence ahead of the next European tie with Barcelona. Lyon-PSG 2-1, the highlights SHOW – Of the first time, however, beyond the goals of the Paris advantage of Di Maria, from left in breeding surgical opening Draxler after a recovery of Aouar, it is worth highlighting the series Areola of parades. At least five in a row to deny Lyon to find the equalizer.

The pupil keeper Buffon opposes Traoré (18 ‘), Fekir (20’), then in close sequence on Traoré and Depay (24 ‘), and again on Fekir (30’). A show paused at 33 ‘, for the goal of the owners, Dembélé with a header from a cross from Dubois, in advance of Areola, exploiting output uncertain. Goals but rewards a total domination of Lyon on a PSG dropped in midfield, built by Tuchel with Marquinhos and Draxler out of role.

OPPORTUNITIES – In the second half, making the Areola starts instead Lopes on the other side to lock the advantage of Fekir, on a penalty caused by Silva, and systematically close on every Parisian conclusion: from Draxler (6 ‘) to Mbappe, neutralized four sometimes, Cavani (13 ‘). The Lyon back three points behind Lille, second, and forces the PSG, who made his debut also Paredes, to reconsider their views to avoid new disappointments in the second round of the Champions League. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV Alessandro Grandesso

March 2, 2019 – Milan Musacchio celebrates the own goal Lirola. AFP overtaking Inter. A carom, nonsense of tips and little else: with minimal effort AC Milan takes a very important result, which projects him in third place after 26 league games. The 1-0 Sassuolo will not be shining, but confirms the solidity of the Rossoneri defense, once again came across (only three goals conceded in 11 games in 2019).

It is worth three points of gold. Gattuso has something to be happy, but at the same time worried many of his men seem pretty tired and down in pitch. Milan spring, the punishment of Maldini jr. is a jewel TIRED MILAN – The possibility of exceeding the cousins ??Ranked makes the electric atmosphere before kick-off, and AC Milan tries to kick out of the more than 61 thousand fans flocked to San Siro: the busy schedule of commitments has complicated Gattuso removed energy to the team, that even in the first half against Sassuolo shows a little ‘tired.

At the stroke of 13 minutes, the Meazza homage Davide Astori, a year after his death. Before and after, the Emiliani always seem dangerous, while the devil advances in gusts. Donnarumma is forced to work as the ultimately did not happen: it is very good to go down to deny the goal ahead in Djuricic, it is careful about punishment Berardi before the interval, is saved by the offside and the crossbar on two of Boga unleashed jewels .

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