Metro Staffing is pleased to introduce itself as one of the pioneer organizations, established since 2004; we offer our professional services in the GTA. We strive to deliver services to you the most in the par efficient way to save your precious time and money.

Metro Staffing has a strong team of planners, recruiters and analysts, who are always ready to provide its customer, build to suite procedure around keeping our clients’ needs on the right track to the kind of success they desire.

Metro Staffing takes extreme care in the level of customer satisfaction and offer a highly specialized range of staff recruitment, and HR management services not absolutely comparable in the vicinity.

Metro Staffing is a highly specialized team of self motivated experts who can provide assistance in finding warehousing, packaging, and manufacturing areas. From General laborers to assemblers, order pickers, Production Supervisors, Quality controllers, labelers to shipment staff, we help you to fill in just about any position at your business needs with relative ease.

Metro Staffing provides you with a wealth of skilled workers who serve in industries such as;

  • General laborers
  • Assemblers,
  • Order pickers
  • Production Staff
  • Production Supervisors
  • Quality controllers
  • labelers
  • Shipment Staff
  • Welders
  • Millwrights(Industrial/Electrical)
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters
  • Pipe Fitters
  • Plumbers
  • Forklift Operators
  • Raymond Reach
  • Counter Balance
  • AZ driver
  • DZ driver
  • Machine Operators

Metro Staffing, although tries to make it rest assured its responsibility of staff management allows you to make sure that your business has access to the suitable people as needed. We also try to place people who have experience in the similar positions and fields, most recommended, connected, trained and eventually employed by the kind of businesses that they would be a part in the future jobs.

Metro Staffing just knows how to hit the right targets. With a team of staff hand-picked and selected through a plethora of candidates to know the best people for any particular role in manufacturing, we take it upon ourselves to deliver the kind of system that just offers simplicity where usually only challenges existed

Metro Staffing believes that there is no need to always find you struggling or stressing out when it comes to find out the right staff for the services listed above. Thanks to our professional input and expertise, you can become much closer to the business that you always wanted to be with our assistance.

Metro Staffing has the right staff on-side if so important in any business today, and we help to make sure that shines through in a professionally engaging range of recruitment options. From helping you get recruited to making sure you can find recruitment in a sensible manner, we make sure that your business never has to be caught unprepared ever again

Metro Staffing tries to make it more sure that understand and appreciate the industry requires more than many aspects. With our assistance, though, you can use that expectancy to drive your business forward and ensure that it can make intelligent decisions with regards to staffing options.

Metro Staffing was established in 2004, in Mississauga Ontario, Metro Staffing concentrates on offering an avenue into employment, staffing and recruitment that removes much of the challenge within the industry.

Metro Staffing helps to find the right fit for those who feel like they are not in the correct position, or that they lack the input where they are currently. Working with our service team, people can feel comfortable working with us as we understand the importance of how recruitment comes across.

Metro Staffing also by helping recruiters find the best people for various manufacturing roles, as well as bringing awareness to contracts and positions which are available, we make it easy for people to fill in the gaps of their business structure today.

Metro Staffing aims to deliver results that make sure your business has the best people on-board for every role, service and requirement possible. We pride ourselves on offering the best access to candidates that can be trusted to deliver a consistent level of service for your business. By hand-picking the best options for your business, we make sure that you are left with the right person for every rule.

Metro Staffing takes immense pride in being able to offer a recruitment strategy that ensures every part of the service has someone working in there that is the perfectly appropriate fit. We listen to the needs of our clients to make sure that any recommendations and offers that we can provide in terms of recruitment or advertisement is framed in the best way possible.

Metro Staffing believes, this is why we regularly update our pool of qualified professionals, to make sure that the people we can offer access to fits the template you have like a glove. Finding quality candidates who have experience and knowledge regarding the needs of every manufacturing role is a tough thing to do, the vetting process can be a massive use of resources and time.

Metro Staffing is there when it comes to help save you the time, the resources and the commitment. Using fine judges of character who knows your industry as well as the needs and professional expectations that you hold, we make sure that you are left with only solutions that actually make sense and can be applicable to your needs and wants as a business.

Metro Staffing understands your goals and Whatever your needs are, we have expertise in finding quality industrial and manufacturing staff, providing HR & staffing solutions, providing job postings for all job seekers, and supplying manpower when needed

Metro Staffing’s unique teamwork skills make us an outstanding ally in business. Even if you need assistance on extra short-term staff, we have a team of reliable sub-contractors who work alongside us. By doing so, we can step in to help you fill in roles full-time as well as make sure that you don’t need to try and find lots of short-term staff.

Metro Staffing, encourages you to use our team of professional experts in any position that you need filled, regardless of the perceived challenge. Using our knowledge and experience, we make sure that business logistics need not hold you back any longer.

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